Friday, September 17, 2010

Postcard! (September 2010)

Side A
01. Mesopotamia by Black Light Burns
02. Australia by The Shins
03. Norway by Beach House
04. Impossible Germany by Wilco
05. Barcelona by The Rentals
06. Mexico by Cake

Side B
01. Stranger in Moscow by Michael Jackson
02. Warsaw by Joy Division
03. One Night in Spain... by Human Waste Project
04. Road to Madrid by Seam
05. A Song for Europe by Roxy Music
06. Back in the U.S.A by MC5

A mixtape made for an acquaintance's travel abroad. I went more for songs with countries and cities in the title opposed to songs about traveling because every song then would either be covers of "The Passenger" or "Roadrunner." So, instead, you get a journey overseas, past the southern border and back home for a very excellent mixtape.

Download Postcard! here.

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